New footage of an early version of DOOM 2016 has

New footage of an early version of DOOM (2016) has leaked online – a trailer of a closed presentation and an unused intro

Twitter user under the pseudonym The Gman’s Archive discovered on the profile of video editor Danny Keys from id Software on the website ArtStation previously unreleased footage from an early version of the DOOM shooter (2016).

    Image Source: Steam (ScoRrpioOo)

Image Source: Steam (ScoRrpioOo)

Recall that the iteration of DOOM (2016), which did not live up to the release, was positioned as Doom 4, but moved away from the roots and was more like Call of Duty, which is why it was decided to restart development.

Found from The Gman’s Archive, a 33-second trailer for an early version of DOOM shown at id Software’s closed Christmas 2012 presentation shows a closer (chainsaw already in action) direction towards the final version.

Keys’ portfolio also includes unused DOOM intro video footage, featured in a three-minute voice-over video on Video Editor id Software’s YouTube channel (attached below).

According to the rejected plot, the Aquarian company’s control chip, which competes with UAC, is removed from the protagonist’s skull. The space station the protagonist is in is attacked by demons and he is catapulted to Mars.

Keys also posted on his ArtStation profile four early Possibility interface DOOM, prototypes of some enemies, weapons and other items. All materials are also presented in Personal cloud storage The Gman Archive.

DOOM (2016) debuted on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in May 2016 and was ported to the Nintendo Switch in November 2017. As a result, the game didn’t stray far from its roots, making critics and regular players happy.

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