New features offered by Facebook will help protect the psyche of Instagram users

Facebook is doing all it can to compensate for the reputational damage that was caused by the speech of the former employee Frances Haugen in front of the US senators – it revealed the background of the activities of social networks. The vice president of the company Nick Clegg has already promised to implement a new feature in Instagram – it will help users maintain mental health.

According to reports, the function will somehow “encourage” teens to take breaks while using the social network Instagram. Not so long ago, information appeared that the network negatively affects the fragile psyche of young people, especially minors. How exactly this functionality will be implemented and when the function will begin to be implemented, there is no exact data yet.

A Facebook spokesman also said that Instagram will “keep away” teens from content that could potentially “not contribute to their well-being.” He did not disclose the details of the new project, but acknowledged that Facebook’s algorithms must be monitored, up to the adoption of the necessary laws – to ensure that the actual results of the work correspond to the declared intentions.

New methods can help deal with the problems recently identified by Hagen. She stated that Facebook was aware of the destructiveness of its algorithms, which provide children with materials that can harm their psyche and remove only a fraction of the potentially traumatic negative statements. In addition, a former Facebook employee believes that the US Congress should review the so-called. Communications Decency Act – the law, according to which Facebook and similar resources are practically not responsible for the content posted by users, and the social network should add mechanisms to reduce the “virality” of content and make users think before sharing posts.

Even Facebook’s proposed new measures may not satisfy the company’s critics. Restrictions can reduce the availability of malicious content, but there is no talk of removing such content itself. In addition, Clegg’s speech welcomes the legislative regulation of the activities of social networks, but only to the extent that it does not contradict the plans of Facebook itself.

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