New development diary for Starfield dedicated to technology dialogue system

New development diary for Starfield dedicated to technology, dialogue system and role-playing elements

Publisher Bethesda Softworks and developer Bethesda Game Studios have released a new development diary for the space role-playing game Starfield. The authors talked about the technologies used and the importance of giving the player freedom of choice.

Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

Numerous role-playing elements will return to Starfield that were not present in Bethesda’s previous games. For example, we talk about the character’s background, their unique traits and characteristics.

When creating characters, the authors scan real people, and to develop locations they use photogrammetry technology (modeling based on photographs).

The main character in the game will have partners. They tried to make their behavior as believable as possible – for example, when traveling around the world, companions will vividly comment on what they see.

The world of Starfield is represented by multiple factions – from pirates to the space republic to megacorporations. The player can join the formation he likes and complete his tasks.

The in-game dialogue system allows you to convince your interlocutors – something similar (only in a simplified form) was implemented in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The developers assure that the mini-game with conviction in Starfield will be perceived by the player as a real conversation.

Starfield is expected to be released on November 11th on PC, Xbox Series X and S. According to the plot, the protagonist will join the research organization “Constellation” and study the furthest corners of the Assimilated Systems.


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