New details and screenshots from Life by You the The

New details and screenshots from Life by You, the The Sims competitor with real voice dialogue and “unprecedented freedom of speech”

As promised, publishers Paradox Interactive and developers Paradox Tectonic, led by former The Sims series curator Rod Humble, shared new details of their Life by You life simulator on March 20th.

    Image Credit: Paradox Interactive

Image Credit: Paradox Interactive

Life by You gives players the opportunity to simulate and immerse themselves in the life of their dreams for the created characters: help them manage a household, build a house and experience many stories.

Driving or riding a bike in the country, finding and completing chores, climbing the corporate ladder, falling in love, starting a family, building a home or business from scratch, tearing down and rebuilding entire cities—a non-exhaustive list of Life by You opportunities .

Each conversation in Life by You is generated based on a unique situation (it will be possible to create your own dialogues), and the Human Creator constructor allows you to model a family, taking into account individual personality traits and characters.

They promise a highly customizable open world with no loading screens, real-language dialogue, direct character control with a third-person view, and extensive mod support (Creator Tools).

“Life by You advances the life simulation genre with modern style, real voice dialogue and unprecedented freedom of expression. Extensive customization tools offer a new level of storytelling”says humble.

Life by You will be available on September 12th on Steam Early Access and the Epic Games Store. The announcement was accompanied by a two-minute gameplay trailer, but unfortunately we will not be attaching a link to it or the game page on digital stores.

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