New American law will limit the rights of Google and Apple

A trio of U.S. senators representing both parties in the U.S. have introduced new legislation that severely restricts the rights of companies like Google and Apple that own app stores. Politicians felt they had gained too much control over the software market.

Senators intend to promote the adoption of a law according to which large app stores will no longer be able to require developers to necessarily connect payment systems owned by the owners (the same Google and Apple) to the software. In addition, the law will prohibit the “punishment” of applications that are offered for different prices or on different terms on alternative sites and use alternative payment systems.

“Their power has reached the point where they affect the entire economy, suppressing and stifling innovation.”Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal said. According to him, the adoption of the law will take place “very soon.”

For companies like Google and Apple, the stakes are high. As the smartphone market matured, Apple’s App Store revenues reached tens of billions of dollars. The company says its app store is “An unprecedented engine of economic growth and innovation and supports over 2.1 million jobs in all 50 states”

Google refused extended comments, reminding once again that Android smartphones are often sold with two or more preinstalled app stores, and app sellers can even organize downloads without the Play Store mediation.

The bill has already been praised by Spotify, Epic and Tile. The latest company to produce beacons for finding frequently lost objects complained earlier this year about Apple’s dominance with a competing product. Other companies have similar or more serious claims.


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