Neuralink denies animal cruelty allegations as it tests its brain

Neuralink denies animal cruelty allegations as it tests its brain implants

Neuralink, Elon Musk’s company that builds brain-computer interfaces, has responded to criticism that monkeys were mistreated as part of its experiments. Neuralink representatives said that special attention is paid to the welfare of experimental animals and there is no other way to test such devices, as they are developing, there is not.

Image source: Neuralink

Image source: Neuralink

A company currently developing a brain implant to treat a variety of neurological conditions has faced public backlash and allegations of mistreatment of monkeys involved in the project. Neuralink denied the allegations on Monday and insisted on its commitment to animal welfare.

“All new medical devices and therapies must be tested on animals before they can be ethically tested on humans.”the company said, adding that it has never received negative feedback from the USDA after inspections of its facilities and animal care program.

The allegations against Neuralink follow an animal rights group’s complaint against UCLA over what activists “invasive and deadly brain experiments on 23 monkeys“. Neuralink trusted this university, which houses the Davis Primate Center, to carry out the brain research project. It is noted that the center’s staff properly contain and care for the primates used in the experiments.


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