Netflix without ads now costs 30 more the service

Netflix without ads now costs 30% more – the service has closed the basic tariff

Video streaming service Netflix, which last year blocked new subscribers from signing up for its $11.99 a month Basic plan, the cheapest without ads, has decided to shut it down entirely. The innovation will be effective in countries where a budget tariff with advertising is available. Viewers in Canada and the United Kingdom will be the first to experience the changes starting in the second quarter of this year, the company announced in its quarterly report.

    Image source: Tumisu /

Image source: Tumisu /

Netflix plan subscribers are offered a $15.49 per month plan, now the most affordable ad-free option. Switching to a new tariff with such a difference is a serious step; There are two other options available: an ad-supported plan for $6.99 and a premium plan for $22.99 per month.

The streaming administration reported that the number of subscribers to the tariff with advertising increased by 70% in the fourth quarter, as in the previous quarter. Contributing to this are the feature enhancements of this plan, including an increase in resolution to 1080p and support for downloads, as well as the aforementioned elimination of registrations for the Basic plan. The ad-supported plan accounts for 40% of all signups on the Netflix platform where it is available, with currently 23 million monthly active viewers. At the end of the fourth quarter, the platform increased its audience by 13.1 million subscribers, now its number stands at 247 million.

Netflix is ​​actively expanding its offering. In particular, content in 4K resolution was added and a game catalog appeared. However, the platform expects something in return from viewers for these innovations. “We invest in Netflix, improve it, and ask our subscribers to pay a little more from time to time to reflect these improvements.”said the company. The day before, Netflix also announced a 10-year deal to broadcast the popular wrestling show Monday Night Raw WWE – the deal was worth $5 billion.


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