Netflix has closed the cheapest ad free plan to new subscribers

Netflix has closed the cheapest ad-free plan to new subscribers, though only in Canada so far

If you subscribe to Netflix’s cheapest ad-free plan, don’t unsubscribe as it’s no longer available to new subscribers in Canada and may be closed in other regions. Recently, users from this country noticed that it will no longer be possible to subscribe cheaply.

    Image source: VentiViews/

Image source: VentiViews/

Instead of the cheapest plan with no ads, new Canadian users are offered an ad-supported option ($6.99 per month). You can also subscribe to a more expensive ad-free plan for $15.49 per month.

Netflix updated the Canadian version of the site and removed the mention of a cheap plan with no ads. It’s still available in the US and costs $9.99 per month. At the same time, the ad-free basic tariff does not allow the simultaneous use of two devices.

For those who are still subscribed to the cheapest ad-free plan in Canada, experts recommend not deleting the app or unsubscribing, as the previous functionality cannot be restored. According to Netflix itself, if you already have a subscription, you can continue to use it until the user himself cancels the account or switches to a different plan.

So far only the elimination of tariffs in Canada is known, but as some media reports, such innovations often indicate preliminary tests before similar practices spread around the world. Apparently, unpopular measures serve the company. Earlier this month, the media reported that subscriptions had skyrocketed after the streaming service banned account password sharing.

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