Netflix can start live streaming

Netflix can start live streaming

After the resource meetingNetflix is ​​currently exploring the possibility of launching live streaming on the platform. Special editions of comedy projects, reality shows, and other content air.

    Image Source: Tumisu /

Image Source: Tumisu /

Deadline says the live streams will be a handy tool for showing additional show content and for voting audiences on various competitions. The platform can also air comedy specials — the library has a collection of stand-up comedy performances, and this year was Netflix’s Is a Joke Fest. Performances from the event will be published later, but next year audiences will be able to see them right away.

One of Netflix’s main competitors has already started experimenting with live broadcasts – the Disney Plus platform showed the Oscars this year and promised to release another competitive show in this format soon.

The need for change for Netflix is ​​particularly acute right now, as the company’s first-quarter earnings report was disastrous, sending the stock down 37% in just one day. During the reporting period, the service lost 200 thousand subscribers, and in the next quarter the outflow of customers may reach 2 million.In addition to live broadcasts, the company can try to correct the situation by introducing a cheap tariff with advertising. and a ban on the use of one account by different households.


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