Neither us nor the people Sony has banned the release

Neither us nor the people: Sony has banned the release of Bloodborne Kart, but the developers have a plan

Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment is in no hurry to release a racing arcade game in the style of Mario Kart based on FromSoftware’s gothic action game Bloodborne and is not allowing this to happen.

    Image source: FanSoftware

Image source: FanSoftware

The programmer of the unofficial FanSoftware studio Lilith Walther recently announced that she received a message from Sony lawyers demanding that the comic game Bloodborne Kart be stripped of all Bloodborne elements.

Let’s remember that Bloodborne Kart was positioned as a revived Bloodborne meme, offering a ride through the streets of Yharnam (and not only) in the role of a number of characters familiar to fans of the main game.

    Micolash before (left) and after (right) Sony's appointment

Micolash before (left) and after (right) Sony’s appointment

The Walter team will comply with the copyright holder’s request, which will result in the release of the former Bloodborne Kart being postponed to a later date. The game was scheduled to release on PC on January 31st and be distributed for free.

“The idea of ​​turning this meme come to life into an original game over which we have full creative control is exciting in its own way. This is no longer a fan game! – Walter noted.

Bloodborne Kart promised 12 racers, 16 tracks, a full single-player campaign with bosses, local split-screen multiplayer and a competitive battle mode. All of this will likely be included in the new version of the game as well.

It is noteworthy that in early 2022 the same team successfully released Bloodborne PSX – an unofficial Bloodborne demake with graphics in the spirit of PS1 games. Bloodborne Kart was created in a similar style.

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