1631015659 Nearly 20 thousand Android apps are at risk of data

Nearly 20 thousand Android apps are at risk of data breaches

Avast Software has discovered on the Google Play store an impressive number of software solutions that can reveal personal information of users, be it names, email addresses, geolocation information, phone numbers, and even passwords.

Image Source: Valery Brozhinsky / Shutterstock.com

Image Source: Valery Brozhinsky / Shutterstock.com

According to experts, the problem lies in the incorrect configuration of the Firebase database, which is used by developers of software for Android. App authors can keep their developments in Firebase visible to other developers, which technically makes them visible to everyone. When Avast Software researchers analyzed 180,300 public Firebase instances, they found that more than 10% (19,300) of them were open, and the data was available to unauthenticated developers.

“Each of these open sources is a potential data breach just waiting in the wings. If it does occur, it will be followed by critical legal, regulatory and business risks. Hypothetically, the personal information of more than 10% of Firebase-based Android apps could be at risk. – explains Vladimir Martyanov, a researcher at Avast Software. – It is extremely important for any organization to develop software responsibly. Security and confidentiality should be a key part of the entire development process, not a “formal screw” at the very end. “

App developers are advised to set up the Firebase platform by following google documentation

“We urge all developers to check their databases and other repositories for possible misconfigurations to protect user data and make our world a safer place.” Avast Software said in a statement.

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