Nanya Technology has warned of an impending decline in demand for RAM

The management of the manufacturer of RAM Micron Technology recently downgraded the forecast for the fourth quarter due to the shortage of other components, without which it makes no sense for companies to purchase additional volumes of memory chips. A similar point of view is shared by representatives of Nanya Technology – the fourth largest manufacturer of DRAM chips in the world.

Image source: Nanya Technology

Image source: Nanya Technology

As noted Nikkei Asian Review citing comments from Lee Pei-ing, president of Nanya Technology, demand for RAM chips may decline until the first quarter of 2022. Many manufacturers of electronic devices are faced with a shortage of other components, and therefore do not see the point in creating surplus DRAM in their warehouses. As a result, sales of RAM chips will decline in the current quarter, according to a spokesman for Nanya.

Supply chains, he said, are negatively impacted by several unexpected factors. Firstly, these are lockdowns in Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand, where many specialized enterprises are concentrated. Secondly, there are power outages for industrial enterprises in certain regions of China. Demand for laptops and chromebooks has declined, according to a Nanya executive, and TV and car makers are struggling to get enough of the necessary components to make their own products. At the same time, the fundamental demand for servers, smartphones and some types of consumer electronics will not decrease in the medium term, as the head of Nanya is convinced.

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