NAND Flash turns 35 this year Involved Kioxia celebrates

NAND Flash turns 35 this year – Involved Kioxia celebrates anniversary at FMS 2022

At this week’s Flash Memory Summit 2022, Kioxia, which emerged from Toshiba’s memory division, will celebrate a major milestone together with the industry. In fact, this year marks 35 years since the invention of NAND flash memory, developed by Toshiba memory engineers.

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Flash memory was invented by Japanese professor Fujio Masuoka, who started working at Toshiba in 1971. Looking back on the revolutionary flash memory technology introduced in 1987, Kioxia continues to look to the future with innovative products, form factors and solutions. At FMS 2022, the company will present its vision for the future of flash memory and its use to advance and enhance a wide range of applications including mobile products, cloud computing, data centers, automobiles and more.

The company’s keynote presentation, “Kioxia: 35 Years of Flash and Beyond,” will be moderated by Scott Nelson, Kioxia Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, and Shigeo Ohshima, Head of SSD Application Engineering. The presentation is dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the invention of flash memory and will discuss how the company sees the future of this revolutionary technology.

“With the invention of flash memory, we’ve entered a whole new era—one that includes content mobility, thin and light form factors, high-density, scalable storage, and more. From its earliest use cases in the 1990s to today’s innovations, the impact of flash memory is being felt everywhere. Put simply, flash memory has enriched people’s lives and broadened the horizons of society – and much more is to come.”says Scott Nelson.


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