Mythological roguelike Hades as a direct sequel first details

Mythological roguelike Hades as a direct sequel – first details on Hades II and release on Steam

The independent American studio Supergiant Games at the Game Awards 2022 introduced Hades II is a direct sequel to his mythological roguelike action Hades.

    Image Credit: Supergiant Games

Image Credit: Supergiant Games

The main character of Hades II is Melinoe, the immortal princess of the underworld who possesses black magic and the sister of Zagreus from the first part. Players must challenge the dark titan of time, Kronos.

They promise an exciting storyline, a larger world, new locations, challenges, upgrades and surprises, familiar and not-so-familiar characters, Godmode (simplified), and an endless backlog for replays.

It is reported that Hades II will be the first sequel in Supergiant Games history. The studio decided to continue out of desire “to restore a sense of joy and joy”inherent in the original Hades.

Hades II Early Access launches on PC in 2023 (steam, EGS), and then release to consoles. Development started in early 2021 – production is now in full swing.

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