Mysterious AMD Athlon Gold 4000G Series Processor Spotted On Sale

Mysterious AMD Athlon Gold 4000G Series Processor Spotted On Sale, Probably Zen 2

One of the sellers on AliExpress discovered a chip of the AMD Athlon Gold 4000G series, which has not yet been announced by the manufacturer. There was only one processor available for $ 118.29 – it was discounted from the starting price of $ 168.99.

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The seller sells products from different countries, including China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Costa Rica, he also clarified that he is not selling new, but used chips. In all likelihood, we are talking about engineering samples of the Athlon chip. At the time of this writing, the chip has not yet been purchased – the only copy while in stock… The description shows a screenshot of the CPU-Z program, according to which it is a 4-core and 4-thread processor with a base clock frequency of 3.3 GHz and 4 MB L3 cache.

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The product is really curious as AMD hasn’t officially revealed its Athlon Gold 4000G series chips yet. The Athlon Gold 3000G line remains relevant today, it includes 4-core models Athlon Gold 3150 GE, 3150G, 2-core model 3050 GE, as well as their Pro-counterparts, including Athlon Gold Pro 3150G, Pro 3150GE and Pro 3125GE … These are processors based on outdated Zen + cores, announced back in 2020. Therefore, the appearance of chips in the 4000G series makes sense – especially since Intel is preparing to replenish the Alder Lake line with Pentium and Celeron models.

If AMD decides to update the budget models, the processors will probably be executed on a more modern and significantly more powerful Zen 2 architecture. However, there is no information about such plans of the company, and even insiders have not yet had time to share rumors.


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