Musk wants to expand Twitter to include encryption of private

Musk wants to expand Twitter to include encryption of private messages, video calls and voice calls

The new owner of the social network Elon Musk (Elon Musk) spoke at the Twitter headquarters in front of the remaining employees of the company about the intention to add end-to-end encryption of private messages on the platform and provide users with voice and video communications .

    Image source: Sara Kurfess /

Image source: Sara Kurfess /

Twitter’s private messaging system has never been a reliable means of communication: in 2018, the platform’s administration admitted that some fragments of correspondence between companies and their customers were available to outsiders for more than a year. And this year, a US government official was hacked into emails on behalf of Saudi Arabia.

The social network has repeatedly started and then slowed down the development of encryption for private messages. As part of the Twitter 2.0 strategy, Elon Musk has now made this task a priority. The businessman also noticed the Signal Messenger, which offers encrypted correspondence: Musk spoke to its creator, Moxie Marlinspike, who can help with this task. Previously, Marlinspike worked at Twitter and tried to protect users’ correspondence with encryption – “he was denied it, and then he went and created Singal”.

In addition to encrypted messaging, Musk also wants to add voice and video communication functions. And this is where Twitter, with its account system, can be seen as a more secure system than Singal, which still requires a phone number to connect, although it will abolish that tie as early as 2020.


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