Musk is done with layoffs and ready to hire new

Musk is done with layoffs and ready to hire new employees on Twitter

Elon Musk’s activity as the main owner of Twitter and the company’s CEO does not think it will slow down, which can even be seen from the fact that he holds meetings with employees on weekends. The billionaire said the cuts were over, and now Twitter is ready to ramp up staffing. It was also noted that the return date for the Twitter Blue subscription will be pushed back from November 29 to a later date.

    Image source: Getty Images, The Verand

Image source: Getty Images, The Verand

As noted today, Twitter’s workforce has dwindled to around 2,750 this week, from the nearly 7,500 employees who worked for the company at the end of October before Elon Musk bought it. According to information The edgeAt a general meeting of Twitter employees, the billionaire announced that the layoffs are over and the company is starting to fill vacancies in ad sales and software development from new specialists. At the same time, these vacancies are not mentioned on the Twitter site, but current employees are encouraged to look for candidates to replace them with acquaintances.

According to Musk, quoted by the source, “People who can write software exceptionally well have top priority”. Musk spent about half an hour answering questions from employees via video conference while at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters. He has no plans to move the company’s headquarters to Texas closer to Tesla, but he’s not averse to establishing a Twitter representative office there with serious administrative powers in the future. The billionaire continues to insist that Twitter remains a platform for the expression of diverse opinions – “Even the ones we don’t like”. At the same time, Elon Musk did not mention his own disagreements with former employees of the company, who lost their jobs, presumably immediately after public criticism of the new boss’s actions.

Musk admitted that the process of reorganizing the business will be accompanied by numerous mistakes, but in the end everything will stabilize. According to the owner of Twitter, many fragments of the program code would have to be changed “from scratch”. Interestingly, the downsizing of almost all of Twitter’s staff in India doesn’t prevent Musk from pursuing the idea of ​​decentralizing the staff involved in development by organizing teams of specialists in Japan, India, Indonesia, and Brazil, among other things. Ideally, Twitter should be present in every country in the world where user activity is high enough.

Elon Musk is willing to borrow a work environment compensation system from his aerospace company SpaceX. Every six months, employees can cash in the blocks of shares previously issued to them, and the company will buy them back while attracting new investors to buy shares.

On the pages of Twitter, the company boss also said that the restart of the Twitter Blue subscription was again delayed. It was planned for this to happen on November 29th, but now Elon Musk is willing to postpone the event to do so “Build Trust to End Account Abuse”. He added that a different colored tick is used to verify organization accounts, unlike the verification icon for private users. An attempt to offer verification to all subscribers for $8 a month fell through just hours after the service launched, when attackers began spreading false information on behalf of other companies and celebrities.

Along the way, Musk said the number of active Twitter users increased by 1.6 million people last week, updating the historic record.

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