Music puzzle Sonority tells a touching story and offers unique

Music puzzle Sonority tells a touching story and offers “unique” puzzles

Publisher Application Systems Heidelberg and developer of the German studio Hanging Gardens Interactive announced exact release date for their musical puzzle Sonority.

    Image Credit: Hanging Gardens Interactive

Image Credit: Hanging Gardens Interactive

Sonority is set in a lost fantasy world where music has magical properties. While trying to help a friend, young Esther, the main character, finds herself in a mysterious rock garden.

Puzzles in Sonority are solved by the correct arrangement of notes (the developers assure that players do not need any musical training). Esther is supported in her adventure by singing rocks and a talking raccoon.

The developers of Sonority promise a touching story, “unique” Puzzles, a solid 3D world, an atmospheric soundtrack with English and German versions of the original songs and controller support.

It has been announced that Sonority will go on sale for digital distribution services on May 25th this year. steam and GOG. The game will be available for Windows, macOS and Linux operating system users.


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