Multidimensional universe fast action and a heroine with a big

Multidimensional universe, fast action and a heroine with a big sword: a new trailer of the game 34EVERLAST from a single developer

One person studio Kanata Lab has released a new trailer for dynamic action game 34EVERLAST. It is described as a game for busy adults who don’t have time to play.

    Image Credit: Kanata Lab

Image Credit: Kanata Lab

The developer describes 34EVERLAST as “AAA style game to buy and play before bed on a weekday”. It only takes 10 minutes to complete. The only thing known about the developer is that his name is Ogami. In 2020 he started developing 34EVERLAST and was previously on the music production team.

There is no tutorial in 34EVERLAST and the controls are easy to learn. In addition, the game gives the impression of a high-budget project and is packed with fast-paced action in a fantastic setting with a beautiful heroine in the title role. In this case, the passage does not end when you lose to the boss. In addition, 34EVERLAST is known as a love story set in a multidimensional universe.

34EVERLAST is set to be released on PC.

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