MSI will revive a series of affordable MPOWER boards for

MSI will revive a series of affordable MPOWER boards for enthusiasts – the Z790 MPOWER model in Micro-ATX format is being prepared for release

MSI will revive the forgotten MPOWER motherboard series for enthusiasts. For this reason, the manufacturer has apparently not yet introduced any UNIFY series boards based on the Intel Z790 chipset.

    Image source: Wccftech

Image source: Wccftech

MSI is preparing to release the Z790 MPOWER motherboard with an LGA 1700 processor socket for Intel Alder Lake, Raptor Lake and Raptor Lake Refresh chips. The information was shared by the Wccftech portal, which obtained images of the board as well as its features.

When MSI first introduced the MPOWER series of motherboards, they promoted them as the first “Overclocking Certified” products. This meant that the production boards were subjected to a 24-hour stress test for overclocking and stability. The series is very popular among enthusiasts due to its reliability and relatively low cost.

The return of the MPOWER series products is quite surprising considering that the last motherboards in this series were released almost seven years ago, in the era of Intel Z170 and Z270 chipsets. It is no less surprising that the company has now decided to return the series. As you know, the Intel LGA 1700 platform is reaching its final year. By the end of 2024, Intel will introduce a new generation of processors that will use a completely new processor socket.

Be that as it may, MSI is preparing to release a compact Z790 MPOWER board for systems in Micro-ATX format. The main features of the new product are two slots for RAM with support for DDR5-8000+ modules with a total capacity of up to 128 GB, two PCIe x16 slots and one PCIe x1. The board is decorated with graphics with the terms “overclocking”, “frequency”, “MHz”, “voltage”, etc. in English, clearly indicating its purpose. The new product is based on a 15-phase VRM power subsystem. In addition, it is equipped with two 8-pin connectors to power the processor.

According to the source, the Z790MPOWER board will be available for sale “soon.” The manufacturer will release it first in the Asian markets and then in other regions. The expected suggested price of the new product is $199, or $229 including taxes. In China the board is available for 1599 yuan.


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