MSI was attacked by cyber attack and advised not to

MSI was attacked by cyber attack and advised not to download its software from unofficial sources

MSI released opinionin which she informed her customers about a cyber attack on her information systems.

    Image source: MSI

Image source: MSI

The manufacturer of computer components did not explain what part of its network infrastructure was attacked by hackers and whether anything was stolen, but the company said it found anomalies in the operation of the internal network and launched appropriate protection mechanisms. In particular, MSI reached out to local law enforcement agencies as well as cybersecurity professionals.

In a statement, the computer components maker said it has gradually made all of its network structures operational again, and the cyberattack itself has not had a significant impact on its business operations. However, the company urged consumers not to download the BIOS, as well as other MSI-branded software, from unknown sources. The company strongly recommends downloading new firmware and software from its official website only.

While MSI has not indicated whether someone who conducted a cyberattack on the company’s servers could take possession of the company’s software, the manufacturer’s recommendations indicate such a possibility.

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