MSI offers workaround for BSOD due to unsupported processors in

MSI offers workaround for BSOD due to “unsupported processors” in Windows 11

Yesterday it was reported that the next update of Windows 11 led to the occurrence of Blue Screens of Death (BSOD) with a message about an unsupported processor (UNSUPPORTED_PROCESSOR). The BSOD occurs after installing the KB5029351 package, which began distribution earlier this week. Apparently only MSI mainboards based on Intel chipsets of the 600 and 700 series were affected by this error. The company offered a temporary solution.

    Image source: MSI

Image source: MSI

An error can occur, especially for owners of MSI mainboard models for which the manufacturer has already released BIOS updates with support for future Raptor Lake Refresh processors. The cause of the error has not yet been clarified and the connection with new processors is still unclear.

Microsoft and MSI have confirmed the existence of the issue and are actively searching for a reliable fix. For the time being, the latter offered a workaround for board owners who had already encountered the aforementioned error, and also promised to publish new information on the investigation process.

“If you have already encountered this problem, update KB5029351 may be automatically removed in order to start Windows. However, if the KB5029351 update does not roll back by itself, we recommend that you roll back the motherboard BIOS to a previous version and then uninstall the KB5029351 update on Windows. If you don’t know how to restore an old BIOS version, via this link You can watch a video that explains how to flash the BIOS on MSI motherboards.”the company said in a statement.

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