MSI introduces the first laptop with Intel Meteor Lake processor

MSI introduces the first laptop with Intel Meteor Lake processor at Computex 2023

MSI introduced the first laptop based on Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake processor family at Computex 2023. Notebookcheck drew attention to the new product.

    Image source: Notebookchek

Image source: Notebookchek

Intel didn’t host a standalone Computex event this year, but the processor maker did host some media representatives for a private demonstration of a new consumer notebook platform. One of the main features of future Meteor Lake processors is a special neural VPU (Versatile Processing Unit) engine, the capabilities of which are used by various software that use different AI models in their work.

At the same time, a Prestige 16 EVO/Studio laptop was found at the MSI booth. It uses an unnamed processor model from the Meteor Lake series. This is confirmed by the operating system’s task manager and a loosely designed and then edited press release from the manufacturer.

In particular, in the task manager, the processor is shown with the marking “Genuine Intel (R) 0000”, which usually indicates a technical pattern of the chip. However, this information does not directly confirm that it is Meteor Lake. However, this is indicated by the fact that the processor has 16 cores with support for 22 virtual threads. As you know, current models of mobile Raptor Lake processors support up to 20 virtual threads. From this we can conclude that this is the same laptop that Intel recently used for a demonstration of the VPU functions in a graphics editor.

MSI also made a mistake in the laptop’s advance press release. In particular, the manufacturer forgot to remove references to “Core i7” and “13. Generation” in the original version of the press release. As you know, Intel will use a new nomenclature for Meteor Lake mobile processors, presented in the form of “Core Ultra 7 1003H” or something like that.

According to MSI, the new Prestige 16 notebook will officially launch in the fourth quarter of this year, which coincides with the expected announcement window for next-gen Intel processors.


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