Mozilla to end support for Firefox Lockwise password manager in December

Mozilla has told users of its proprietary password management application Firefox Lockwise that it will officially end support on December 13. Although the password manager will continue to work after this date, it will no longer receive new features or security fixes.

Image source: Mozilla

Image source: Mozilla

Lockwise software began its journey in 2018 under the name Lockbox. Available for iOS, Android and desktop computers, the app allows users to access credentials stored in the Firefox web browser and use them to auto-complete any application. Most of the product’s features are now integrated into Firefox, making it impractical to further support a stand-alone application.

Mozilla said that Lockwise will not be updated or supported by Mozilla as of December 13. In addition, the app can no longer be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store. The company recommends using the Firefox browser directly to access and manage saved passwords in the future.

Android users can easily access Firefox’s password auto-complete functionality at a system-wide level, but iOS device owners will have to wait to be able to work with Firefox passwords system-wide. Mozilla promised to share more about this feature in December.

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