Mozilla Launches Firefox 93 – Support for Thrifty AVIF Images and Notable Privacy and Security Improvements

Mozilla has updated its Firefox browser to version 93. The latest update contains quite a few new features that should improve browser performance and security. One of the changes in this update is support for AVIF images, which provides significant bandwidth savings over existing image formats.

In terms of security, Firefox 93 now automatically tries to prevent downloading files from unsecured HTTP addresses. Mozilla regards these downloads as a serious security risk that could allow an attacker to compromise the user’s system. When attempting to download a file from an unsafe location, the user will be warned of the risk and will be prompted to delete the file, although the option will also be given to allow the download.

When it comes to privacy, Firefox 93 comes with SmartBlock 3.0, which attempts to block third-party trackers that track a user’s online activity while being careful not to disrupt web pages. In addition, users of Windows computers with a critically small amount of RAM will have access to the function of unloading tabs. The browser will unload them from memory depending on the time of the last access. Mozilla says this method will reduce Firefox crashes due to insufficient RAM.



Other improvements include support for form filling in Firefox’s built-in PDF viewer. In addition, macOS users will be prompted to complete the installation if they launch the browser from a mounted .dmg image to prevent data loss. This message will only be displayed the first time it is launched, so as not to annoy users who intentionally use Firefox this way.

Users who are already using the Mozilla browser will receive the update automatically. Everyone else can download it from the official website Firefox.

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