Mozilla Launches Firefox 91 with Enhanced Privacy and Easy Login to Windows Tied Accounts

Mozilla officially released Firefox 91 today, making it available for download on its website and as an update to existing browser versions. Traditionally, the latest version of Firefox has new privacy features.

Added support for single sign-on to accounts. This feature will save a little time for users who have linked their accounts to Windows 10. To check which accounts are linked to a Microsoft account, in the Windows 10 Settings app, go to the Users section, select Add, edit or remove others. users “, and then go to the” Email and accounts “section.

Another new feature includes the HTTPS-first policy for private tabs. Thanks to it, all resources for which this option is available will be automatically switched to the HTTPS protocol. In addition, the Total Cookie Protection feature has been improved, allowing, among other things, to determine which websites store local information on the user’s PC.

Among other innovations, it is worth noting an increase in browser performance by 10-20 percent in almost all tasks, as well as automatic activation of high contrast mode when the “Increase contrast” function is activated in macOS settings.

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