Mozilla and Meta

Mozilla and Meta are working together to develop privacy-optimized ad analytics

The Mozilla project, which has repeatedly criticized Facebook (now Meta), has now started a joint project with them on a new analysis system for online advertising that offers more privacy for users than traditional solutions.

Mozilla and Meta

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According to a post on the official Mozilla blog, a joint project with Meta has been in the works for several months – the system is called Interoperable Private Attribution (IPA). It allows advertisers to evaluate the company’s performance and offers users a higher level of privacy. The main idea of ​​this system is that reports on promotions, such as B. clicks on banners, not sent individually, but in batches. At the same time, a so-called match key is created for each user, which allows you to track their actions on the advertising platform and the advertised page without trying to identify the person.

In the face of Mozilla’s repeated complaints about meta-projects about the misuse of users’ personal data, the user community took the information about the cooperation with hostility. Information about it was published only on the project’s official blog and did not make it to the official accounts of Firefox and Mozilla on Twitter.



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