Motorola showed true wireless charging with a range of 3 meters

Earlier this year, Motorola unveiled a truly wireless charging station that allows you to recharge your gadgets from a distance. Today the company revealed more details about its development and published a video demonstrating the work of the innovative charger.

In his account on the Chinese social network Weibo, the developer spoke in more detail about the Space Charging technology. Earlier it was reported that the solution allows you to charge up to four devices within a meter of the charging station, but since then Motorola has seriously improved the performance.

According to the latest data, Space Charging charges compatible devices within a radius of up to three meters, covering a sector of 100 degrees. Motorola says the charging station has 1,600 microantennas, can transfer power through paper and other obstacles, and will pause charging when a human body is in range.

There is no official power data yet, although a well-known insider at Digital Chat Station reported that the receiving device only gets 5 watts. By modern standards, this is extremely small. Nevertheless, such a low-power solution may well be used by people who do not move much during the working day – they may well place the charger near the workplace. In addition, the technology is quite suitable for charging accessories with small batteries.

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