Motorola is preparing a smartphone with support for satellite communications

Motorola is preparing a smartphone with support for satellite communications

Motorola plans to launch a satellite SMS service within the next three months. This will use the new Bullitt Satellite Connect service, operated in partnership with Skylo and Inmarsat.

    Image source: wilkernet/

Image source: wilkernet/

Bullitt has long worked with various smartphone manufacturers to develop secure models, but now the interaction will take it to a new level. In the case of the Motorola Defy model, like the Apple iPhone 14 smartphones, it will be possible to use satellite services without a cellular connection or Wi-Fi. Back in November last year, it was reported about the joint work of Bullitt and MediaTek on a technology that allows you to communicate with satellites.

According to data released at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, this functionality will now be available not only to iPhone users but also to models from the Android ecosystem. The Bullitt Satellite Connect service on Motorola smartphones (particularly the Motorola Defy) requires the installation of a special application. Users must install Bullitt Satellite Messenger software to exchange messages. Initially, only messages with emergency services and text messages to other users will be supported, but as the service evolves, it will also be possible to send images, support audio and video.

According to Bullitt, the free apps for Android and iOS allow you to receive and send Bullitt Satellite Messenger messages over regular internet channels or over satellite. Those who do not have such applications can receive SMS messages, but sending a reply is not available. Also, those who don’t have a satellite-enabled phone can only use the app with WiFi or cellular networks.

The Motorola Defy phone and the Bullitt Satellite Messenger service will launch concurrently in the first quarter of 2023, Android Authority reports. Access to emergency calls is free for 12 months, followed by a small fee, according to Bullitt, but those who want to communicate with friends and family via satellite must subscribe to one of the tariff plans. 30 messages per month is $4.99, 125 messages are $9.99 and 400 messages are $29.99. You can also choose an annual plan for $60 for 400 messages.

According to a Bullitt spokesman, the service will be available in Europe and North America in the first quarter of 2023, after which it will be available in Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America in the first half of the year. Other regions will start connecting in the second half of the year.

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