Most Expensive Inventory Ever Cybercriminals have stolen 2 million worth

“Most Expensive Inventory Ever”: Cybercriminals have stolen $2 million worth of items from a CS:GO skin collector

German streamer under a pseudonym WithoutPixelknown as a collector of skins for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, informed Over $2 million worth of Steam inventory was stolen from him.

    Image Source: Steam (CorbZ)

Image Source: Steam (CorbZ)

Loud without pixels we speak of “Most Expensive Inventory Ever”. More recently, the player has owned seven Dragon Lore AWPs as souvenirs, a karambit knife with no star in front of the name, and all-blue case-hardened karambit variants.

As of June 21, roughly half of ohnePixel’s inventory had already been sold, with the remaining items just being transferred to the attackers’ accounts.

    Image source: Twitter (without pixels)

Image source: Twitter (without pixels)

E-mail and password of ohnePixel were quietly and secretly changed a week ago. The streamer urged CS:GO developers and Steam staff to contact him to restore items.

It is also reported that non-pixel items are being resold by the hackers on the buff marketplace path From new customer inventory: Valve has canceled operations on stolen skins.

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