Morgan Stanley AMD plans to cut desktop sales by 26

Morgan Stanley: AMD plans to cut desktop sales by 26% this year

For AMD, the past two years have been a period of uninterrupted revenue growth at a pace that far outstrips the rest of the market. Morgan Stanley analysts believe that the company is awaiting some downward correction in the PC segment, but even in such difficult conditions it will be able to slightly increase its market share unless its products in the gaming segment get through Intel Alder replaces Lake processors.

    Image source: AMD

Image source: AMD

Resume tracking behavior of AMD securities, Morgan Stanley specialists explainedthat the company’s annual sales in the desktop segment will fall by 26% and by another 2% next year. Ryzen processor developers will lose some market share to competitor Intel Alder Lake as their positions in the gaming market are quite strong. After 2023, AMD should develop relatively steadily.

In the laptop segment, AMD is expected to increase its revenue by 35% by the end of the current year, but next year there will be almost no growth as the potential for revenue growth through an increase in its own market share will be exhausted. and the overall laptop market should shrink compared to previous years of rapid growth.

There is no doubt about AMD’s success in the server market, as the company’s revenue growth in this area will continue for several consecutive quarters, according to Morgan Stanley officials. In the next few years, AMD server solutions combined with Xilinx products will account for 65-70% of the company’s total net profit, and this share is already reaching 50%.

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