More than half of the applications for Apple Vision Pro

More than half of the applications for Apple Vision Pro are paid

Apple’s first mixed reality headset went on sale in the US earlier this month. Vision Pro users have access to a wide variety of applications that have been reviewed by Appfigures. The result found that the App Store for the VisionOS platform is contrary to the long-standing trend in which most applications for Apple devices are free to download.

  Image Source: Apple

Image Source: Apple

According to Appfigures, 53% of applications for Vision Pro are paid, i.e. the user has to pay before downloading the product to the device. At the same time, the average cost of an application for an Apple headset is $5.67. By comparison, only 5% of apps in the App Store for other device categories require upfront payment. The researchers also found that 35% of Vision Pro apps are not monetized at all, and 13% of available products are subscription-based.

During the analysis, the researchers looked at all apps optimized for Vision Pro, including more than 700 apps that were headset-only and not supported on other platforms. At the same time, about 1.2 million applications for iOS were not studied, which work in Vision Pro, but were not optimized by developers for use on the headset. Taking into account iOS applications that have been optimized for VisionOS, only 17% of applications require upfront payment, and the authors of 58% of software products use monetization through subscriptions.

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