More effort was put into this than The Day Before

“More effort was put into this than The Day Before as a whole”: An indie developer spent $1,500 to create a trailer for the non-existent zombie shooter The Day After

A solo developer under the pseudonym Crimson, inspired by the pre-release trailers of The Day Before, Approved “The Day After” is a parody of promotional materials for the failed online shooter from now-defunct studio Fntastic.

    Image source: Crimson

Image source: Crimson

Crimson tackled The Day After back in March 2023, with the impression that The Day Before was different from the previous one in each new trailer – so the developer decided to create its own trailer for a non-existent zombie shooter.

After 300 hours of work and $1,500 spent on materials from the Unreal Engine Store, the creation of The Day After came to an end. Throughout the process, Crimson reported on progress on its microblog.

    The Day After is also based on Unreal Engine 5

The Day After is also based on Unreal Engine 5

The gameplay trailer for The Day After, a working prototype of a zombie shooter with survival elements that looks suspiciously similar to The Day Before (right down to the interface), lasted 12 minutes, including a 30-second introduction with words from the author.

The video shows a metropolis in a post-apocalyptic setting, exploring abandoned buildings with a co-op partner, modifying weapons, encounters with zombies, gunfights, hand-to-hand combat, different weather conditions and so on.

The audience appreciated the work of the indie developer. “More effort was put into this than in the entire The Day Before.”counted User A Stalker (Freedom), who was impressed by the snow physics in The Day After.

The author will not publish The Day After, but after dealing with his current projects he wants to make a real cooperative zombie shooter – an action game Suit for rent (in early access from 2021) and Cyberpunk Roglite Ronin 2072.

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