Money Message Ransomware Hackers Claimed MSI Hacking and Demanded 4

Money Message Ransomware Hackers Claimed MSI Hacking and Demanded $4 Million in Ransom

MSI previously reported that its network infrastructure was subject to a cyber attack. The computer component manufacturer did not go into details of the hack and did not say whether user data was affected by this incident. As the BleepingComputer portal learned, a certain group of extortionist Money Message hackers claimed responsibility for the hack.

    Image source: MSI

Image source: MSI

The hackers claim to have gained access to 1.5 TB of data from CTMS and ERP systems containing various sensitive MSI information. In particular, the source codes of MSI software were stolen, including data on the structure of the BIOS firmware used in the manufacturer’s products, cryptographic keys and other files.

    Image source: BleepingComputer

Image source: BleepingComputer

The attackers are threatening to release the stolen data to the public next week if MSI fails to meet its $4 million ransom demand.

The Money Message hacking group was reportedly formed last month. According to Cyble, a cybersecurity company, this group of attackers targets Windows and Linux-based systems. Criminals try to gain access to the victim’s network infrastructure, encrypt it and then demand a ransom. Before ransomware is introduced, hackers usually try to steal IT network administrators’ data.

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