Modders have added offline saves to Gran Turismo Sport and

Modders have added offline saves to Gran Turismo Sport and there is little hope for Gran Turismo 7

portal MP1st notes that offline saving has finally become possible thanks to the modder community in the Gran Turismo Sport racing simulator from Polyphony Digital Studio.

    Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

As a reminder, without connecting the console to the Internet in Gran Turismo Sport, you can enter the campaign, Scapes photo mode and the livery editor, but neither the settings selected nor the progress made can be fixed.

An unofficial patch for Gran Turismo Sport released by Australian modder Illusion (see Final Fantasy VII Remake at 60fps on PS4) removes this limitation, as can be seen in the attached video below.

You can download the patch from site illusionhowever for installation (instructions are available on this page) you need a hacked PlayStation 4 with the ability to upload modified files to the console.

Similar (and even stricter) offline restrictions apply to Gran Turismo 7, but apparently users shouldn’t rely on a solution similar to Gran Turismo Sport.

Corresponding Modder Nenkaiwho helped open offline saves in Gran Turismo Sport, it’s impossible to perform such a trick with Gran Turismo 7 – it would require editing files, which is extremely difficult.

Gran Turismo Sport debuted on October 17th, 2017 on PS4 and Gran Turismo 7 was released on March 4th, 2022 on PS4 and PS5. The limitations of offline mode in Polyphony Digital went into the fight against cheaters.

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