Modder Adds Highly Inappropriate Guns From Bethesdas Forgotten Terminator Shooter

Modder Adds “Highly Inappropriate” Guns From Bethesda’s Forgotten Terminator Shooter To The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

Elder Scrolls video blogger Micky D attracted Attention specialized mass media an unusual mod for the classic fantasy RPG The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall by Bethesda Softworks.

    Image source: TheGamer

Image source: TheGamer

The mod mentioned is called Future Shock Weapons and it adds futuristic firearms to Daggerfall from the 1995 Bethesda shooter The Terminator: Future Shock, which was compared to Doom at release.

The choice of the main character of the Daggerfall modification is provided “ten (!) new and highly inappropriate” Weapons including M16, machine gun, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, plasma and laser gun.

The weapons in Future Shock Weapons have infinite ammo, but they tend to break (need to be repaired). Bullets in the mod work similarly to arrows, so the accuracy of the “firearm” depends on archery skills.

The original version of Future Shock Weapons was released in December 2022 and the latest version is from today May 17, 2023. There is no talk of a full release yet – the project is still in the “alpha” stage.

For example, some types of weapons shoot ordinary arrows instead of lasers and rockets – this is a temporary solution until the author of the Numidium3rd mod figured out how to reconstruct the format of three-dimensional models from Future Shock.

You can download Future Shock Weapons here Nexus Mods. Requires the Unity version of Daggerfall (distributed as the game itself, for free) and Future Shock installed (also accessible free), since the mod loads all the sounds and visuals from it.

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