Mobileye Powerful Automotive EyeQ Ultra Chip for Level 4 Autopilot

Mobileye Powerful Automotive EyeQ Ultra Chip for Level 4 Autopilot

Mobileye, an Intel subsidiary working on advanced driver assistance systems, has announced the latest version of the EyeQ single-chip platform, which it calls the most advanced AI autopilot solution to date. The novelty was presented during CES 2022, which opened in Las Vegas.

Image source: Mobileye

Image source: Mobileye

The new chip, called EyeQ Ultra, is the latest iteration of Mobileye’s chipsets that have been in production since 2004. The company says the chip can perform 176 trillion operations per second, which allows it to compete with Tesla and NVIDIA in the autonomous vehicle chip market.

The EyeQ Ultra won’t go into production until late 2023, and the first cars with it won’t see the light of day until 2025. However, Mobileye is confident that its product will continue to be one of the most advanced solutions out there in a couple of years.

Mobileye claims that the EyeQ Ultra’s performance will be roughly the same as the 10 current EyeQ5 chips. The company claims that cars equipped with the new chip have full support for level 4 autonomous driving systems, which allow the vehicle to move without human intervention in most situations. According to Mobileye, the new chip offers exceptional energy efficiency and outstanding performance.

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Mobileye has been supplying its products to automobile manufacturers for years. The company sells its chips to 13 of the top 15 automakers, including BMW, Nissan and Ford. The company recently announced the shipment of its 100 millionth chip. Tesla initially also used Mobileye chips, but broke off cooperation with the company after a fatal accident. Tesla said Mobileye’s technology prevented the car from distinguishing between the truck and the sky behind it.

At CES 2022, Mobileye also unveiled a more compact and energy-efficient version of its EyeQ4 chip. The new IC called EyeQ6L is no larger than 55% the size of the EyeQ4. The chip is supposed to work with autonomous driving systems of the second level. Testing of the novelty began that year. The microcircuit is to be produced in series by mid-2023.

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