Mobile devices will soon be supplemented with new emojis

The Unicode Consortium announced 37 new emoji icons and 75 (!) Color variations of icons as part of the 2022 Emoji 14.0 update package. New images can be sent to interlocutors from smartphones and other devices next year.

In total, with the release of Unicode 14.0, users will have 112 new emoji variations. Among them – an image of biting a lip, an image with a hand covering its mouth, a face carefully peeking through one eye through the fingers, a finger pointing at the user, and other options.

Together with the 2022 update, the total number of emoji with variations will reach 3,633 copies. Someone does not use such “additions” to the text at all, someone uses two or three options, and some are able to completely build a dialogue without resorting to words and letters at all.

Most messengers usually have a much smaller number of emojis available. It remains to wait and see what options will be available in the 2022 versions on smartphones, laptops and other platforms. The Unicode Consortium usually publishes only a prepared list, and which of the presented options will be used is left to the discretion of OEMs and application developers.

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