MMO from the creators of League of Legends will not

MMO from the creators of League of Legends will not become a “second job” for players

League of Legends Vice President of Franchise Development and Runeterra MMO Producer Greg Street took to Twitter to discuss the challenges of modern online gaming and what to expect from the new Riot Games project.

    Image Credit: Riot Games

Image Credit: Riot Games

Many people are put off by the fact that in order to achieve something meaningful in them, you have to devote a lot of time to them – and actually have to go to a second job. Street dedicated an entire thread to this problem. According to him, there shouldn’t be too much content in Riot Games’ MMO – it’s a special measure so that users have time for other hobbies.

“We have yet to test that, but we may come to an option where activities are more likely to be missed. Yes, I’m serious”wrote Just.

Street added that Riot Games doesn’t want you to just play its MMO. While you spend time on something else (a game, a series, a book), the company is preparing new content that will make users want to come back to the project.

“If you really like our game, then thank you very much. And we’ll make sure you have something to do if you just want to spend more and more hours doing it. But it will probably be optional content.”street said.

However, that doesn’t mean Riot Games’ MMO will be small – it “very large”. Just called The size of the game is the main reason for such a long development.


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