Mining processor NVIDIA CMP 170HX went on sale for $ 4300

In Dubai online store Vipera started selling the NVIDIA CMP 170HX GPU, which is designed for cryptocurrency mining. A model based on the Ampere architecture is available for $ 4300.

Source: tomshardware.com

Source: tomshardware.com

NVIDIA has launched a line of Cryptocurrency Mining Processors (CMPs) in an attempt to divert the attention of miners away from the GeForce Ampere GPUs designed for gaming. The CMP 170HX is based on the GA100 GPU. There are 4480 CUDA cores on board – for comparison, the A100 accelerator is equipped with 6912 CUDA cores. In Ethereum mining, the performance of CMP 170HX is up to 164 MH / s. The card is connected via PCIe 4.0 x4 and has a TDP of 250 W – a regular 8-pin connector is enough.

This graphics processor has already been shown in the photo, but for the first time it went to retail – before that it could be bought at a Japanese auction, having outbid the bid of 600 yen ($ 5,285). As a professional mining graphics card, the CMP 170HX lacks display connectors. Moreover, as it became known, the processor comes with a locked vBIOS, so it will not be possible to experiment with overclocking or undervoltage. Due to their purpose and the corresponding operating mode, mining video cards are traditionally limited in terms of warranty. For example, in Gigabyte CMP 30HX it is only 3 months. But according to Vipera, the CMP 170HX comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


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