Mining and gaming restrictions in China had little impact on AMD’s business last quarter

Intel during its quarterly reporting conference was forced to admit that the decline in revenue by 20% in the direction of cloud server systems was largely due to restrictions on the part of the Chinese authorities, concerned about the prevention of gambling among the younger generation of citizens. AMD stated that it did not feel anything like that, and the cryptocurrency sector at the same time had a negligible effect on the business.

Image source: AMD

Image source: AMD

Of course, solidarity on the last issue with NVIDIA’s position does not mean that the flow of gaming video cards into the hands of miners in the last quarter was not observed. The developers of graphic solutions do not have many ways to track the fate of each video card, and AMD, moreover, does not apply artificial limitations to the performance of video cards in mining, and does not advertise the production of specialized accelerators for cryptocurrency farms by partners. All this gives the AMD leadership formally the right to assert that the cryptocurrency segment in the last quarter had almost no effect on the company’s activities. Lisa Su even stated that “This is not the segment we serve”

When analysts asked if AMD felt any impact of restrictive measures on online gaming by the authorities in China, the company executive also said that the data center business performed exceptionally well in the third quarter, both in the cloud segment and and corporate. The cloud segment performed successfully across all geographic areas. From this point of view, AMD did not feel any anomalies in the Chinese market, as Lisa Su summed up.


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