Mind boggling rebirth superpowers and space satire new details and screenshots

Mind-boggling rebirth, superpowers and space satire: new details and screenshots of the retro shooter RetroSpace from the creators of the Chicken Police

As promised, the retro space shooter RetroSpace from the developers of Chicken Police: Paint It RED arrives just days after the debut trailer! from the Hungarian studio The Wild Gentlemen appeared side in steam.

    Image Source: The Wild Lords

Image Source: The Wild Lords

As is known from the description, the events of RetroSpace will unfold in the year 2177. Humans sent a convoy of Aurora space stations to find a new home, but one of them went off course and was sucked into the black hole.

At the beginning of the game, Aurora 5 (the name of the station) drifts in the endless void of space, constantly jumping from one time period to the next: in addition, the corridors are swarming with mutants and all systems are blocked.

Players in the role of an ordinary cleaner become mankind’s last hope to break through the station and find their way home in open battle or by covert methods. However, saving humanity is not required – the choice is up to the player.

They promise an open-to-study station with interconnected locations, secret passages, and a relatively quiet central zone. Players will be waiting for a variety of mutants and enemy defense systems.

In addition, developers distinguish among the main features of RetroSpace:

  • Mutamods are special modifiers that grant the character supernatural powers (like mind control) or tentacles. Expect irreversible side effects;
  • Death – In the event of death, Aurora 5 will revive the hero in the form of a clone. Each new twin will have a noticeable defect. After returning to life, it is recommended to pick up the equipment left on your former corpse.
  • Immersive sim elements – the ability to solve problems in different ways: hide in the shadows, lure enemies into traps, hack towers, search for secret passages and engage in sabotage;
  • Emphasis on the plot – the authors promise a surprisingly deep, dark and at the same time funny story (“Disco Fever Space Satire”) with a large number of turns;
  • Retro shooter – low-poly graphics on Unity in the spirit of PS1, PS2 and PC games of the early 2000s intertwined with the environment and atmosphere of retro-futurism of the 60s and 70s.

RetroSpace will be released for PC (Steam) and unannounced consoles (mentioned in press release). In addition to the details above, you can find a number of screenshots on the Valve page (see gallery above).


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