Midnight Protocol Hacker RPG Tactic Coming To Steam Next Week

Iceberg Interactive Publishing and LuGus Belgian Studio clarified release date for the turn-based RPG Midnight Protocol. The game will be released in Steam (Windows, Linux and macOS) October 13th. At the same time, the developers released an update for the demo.

Image source: Steam

Image source: Steam

Midnight Protocol is described as “Story-driven tactical RPG set in the near future – the time of automated labor, big data, controversial AI applications, gray areas in legislation and the hazy nature of online identity”

Users will have to hack servers, bypass security systems and decrypt data to help the protagonist, a hacker under the pseudonym Data, find those who are blackmailing him. He will be able to use various disguises, as well as buy software and hardware on the black market. Just like the hero himself, the player will only use the keyboard. As you enter commands, sounds are played that become “Part of the soundtrack.”

Midnight Protocol will not have complex gameplay mechanics: the authors focused on the story and atmosphere “Digital war”. The development of the plot will be determined by the decisions made by the user. A hacker can help the police find fraudsters, or he can blackmail others and break into someone else’s bank accounts. Depending on his actions, his reputation will turn black, gray, or white. Promised “Dozens of secondary tasks full of Easter eggs and references”

A demo of Midnight Protocol is available on Steam as part of the Games to Be Festival starting October 1st. Until the evening of October 7, users can get acquainted with 830 projects, including the detective adventure The Good Life and the strategic RPG Disciples: Liberation.

Midnight Protocol has already received several awards: it received a nomination in the category “Most Anticipated Game” at the Belgian Game Awards 2020, became a finalist among the games of the Belgian developers at the EuroPlay Games Contest, held as part of gamescom 2020, and became one of the five winners at the Devсom Indie Game Expo 2020.

In the past, LuGus has created a free action game Runes of brennos and quadcopter racing simulator Liftoff: FPV Drone Racingwith 92% positive reviews on Steam (more than four thousand reviews in total). In the last quarter of the year, another new product from the team will start in Steam Early Access – Liftoff: Micro Drones… Iceberg Interactive helped spread Killing Floor and also released a puzzle The sojourn, a railroad company management simulator Railroad Corporation and pirate action Blazing sails

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