Microworld Survival Simulator will be released from Early Access on

Microworld Survival Simulator will be released from Early Access on September 27th

Obsidian Entertainment’s survival sim Grounded is leaving Early Access on September 27, 2022. Exact date Game Development Director Adam Brennecke informed in a video dedicated to the second anniversary of the release.

    Image Credit: Obsidian Entertainment

Image Credit: Obsidian Entertainment

At the same time, the last update before the final release, Home Stretch (0.14), became available on public test servers.

Important innovations and changes Patch:

  • the ability to convert any session into a session with user preferences and change various parameters at any time;
  • convenient import of Steam saves into the Microsoft Store version;
  • new pet – mosquito;
  • accelerated recovery;
  • movement robot BURG.L;
  • a separate building for cooking and the ability to cook in the earlier stages of the game;
  • Changes to the armor and weapon upgrade system: leveling now requires a unique limited resource that can be found in the courtyard (it can be made infinite by opening the appropriate recipes), and the cost of modifications has been significantly reduced;
  • Various balance improvements (including those related to the last fight in the Haze lab and pets), UI, optimization, animation, sound and accessibility settings, as well as many bug fixes.

Update 1.0 will be the biggest ever released and will offer a completed story campaign that can be played alone or with friends, a new major location – the upper courtyard, new recipes, weapons, secrets and a boss – a giant praying mantis (mantis). The developers warned that players may lose progress after the final version is released.

Obsidian Entertainment last week announced about the upcoming animated series based on Grounded. It was directed by Brien Goodrich, who directed Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians, and written by Brent Friedman, who worked on Star Wars: Clone Wars (2008), Star Trek: Enterprise, and Earthworm Jim: Beyond the Groovy.

Grounded is available in Early Access steam, Microsoft store and Xbox One on July 28, 2020. At the same time, the game appeared in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, and in November of the same year, the simulator for Xbox Series X and S was improved. In the first two days, it attracted more than a million users to platforms in total, and in February 2022, the audience was surpassed ten million Person. The project has received more than 25,000 reviews on the Valve website, based on an 88% rating.

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