Microsofts appeal against the UK regulators decision to deal with

Microsoft’s appeal against the UK regulator’s decision to deal with Activision Blizzard will be reviewed in July

The review of Microsoft’s appeal against the UK competition authority’s decision blocking its $69 billion deal with Activision Blizzard will take place in July. The appeal was filed last week.

    Image source: Activision

Image source: Activision

About it announced UK Competition Court (CAT) Judge Marcus Smith at Tuesday’s trial conference. “A hearing on the merits of this application will be held within two weeks of July 24, that is, the weeks of July 24 through July 31.” he said.

The judge explained that the parties would be given sufficient time to present their positions. “There is a tendency – and this is largely due to the court and not the parties – to make the examination of applications shorter than it should be. I want to do the opposite in this case. I want the parties to understand that we want to give them every opportunity to orally disclose the difficulties of this case and that we have time to do so.” said Smith.

It is reported that Microsoft urged the court to hold a hearing on the case as soon as possible, and CMA insisted on a later date to allow more time to develop the rationale for its position.

“The CMA’s decision is flawed for a number of reasons, including an overestimate of the role of cloud streaming in the gaming market and our position within it, and an unwillingness to consider solutions that have received overwhelming support from the industry and the public have.” Microsoft stated this in a statement last week.

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