Microsoft wont allow OneDrive to close until the user

Microsoft won’t allow OneDrive to close until the user explains why

Last month, Microsoft made it harder to load Google Chrome through Edge by adding a survey asking people why they didn’t want to use the software giant’s browser. Now it has been announced that before closing OneDrive cloud storage, users must answer the question of why they want to do this.

    Image source: The Verge

Image source: The Verge

According to online sources, a recent OneDrive update added an annoying feature to the app. This is a dialog box that appears when you try to close OneDrive. It asks the user to select a reason for closing the application and it is obviously impossible to refuse. The options offered for selection are as follows:

  • I don’t want OneDrive to be running all the time.
  • I don’t know what OneDrive is.
  • I don’t use OneDrive.
  • I’m trying to resolve an issue with OneDrive.
  • I’m trying to speed up my computer.
  • I’m receiving too many notifications.
  • Other.

The user must select one of the suggested options as simply closing the dialog box and exiting the OneDrive application will not work. Microsoft has been actively promoting OneDrive cloud storage for years. For example, in Windows 11, the contents of the Documents and Pictures folders are synced to the software giant’s cloud storage by default. If the user has not yet set up OneDrive, Windows offers many tips on how to do this.


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