Microsoft will update Teams Outlook and PowerPoint to better align

Microsoft will update Teams, Outlook, and PowerPoint to better align with hybrid work

Microsoft was among the first to say that the coronavirus pandemic will forever change the way many people work. Two years later, the software giant continues to actively integrate tools for remote work into its products. This time developers have announced hybrid changes for Teams, Outlook and PowerPoint.

Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

Hybrid work tools that make it possible to combine remote and office work continue to play an important role, even as employees at many companies are gradually returning to the office. As a result, Microsoft continues to offer its customers more options to support their employees’ hybrid work schedules.

As for new features, the RSVP feature in Outlook on the web in Q2 of this year will allow meeting attendees to indicate whether they want to join the meeting in person or join via video. This makes it easier to estimate the number of employees planning to come into the office, optimizing upcoming meetings and further workflows.

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More innovations await users of the Teams collaboration service. One of these will be the new Front Row layout, which when enabled places images from meeting participants’ webcams at the bottom of the workspace. For conference room meetings, this grouping allows those in the office to see their colleagues working remotely. A similar change applies to Teams Rooms, making it more convenient for colleagues working remotely and in the office to interact with each other.

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According to Microsoft, there are 90 million conference rooms worldwide, but only 8% of them have video capabilities. One of the important elements of hybrid work in Microsoft’s vision are elements of the Loop platform. The service allows you to create blocks of office content that exist independently, but at the same time can be combined and transferred to other employees in the process of interaction. For example, during a meeting in Teams, a user can take some notes, then copy them into an email and send them to one of their colleagues. At the same time, the notes themselves continue to update as users edit and add to them in Letters and across Teams. The Loop components arrived with Teams in January and are now being integrated into Outlook to better unify Microsoft’s core communication tools.

Some changes await PowerPoint. The developers combined the cameo tools, which allow you to integrate Teams’ camera into slides and presentations, and the audio recording, which allows you to record a speech with each of the slides. The combined function will be available to a wide range of users in the second quarter of this year. In addition, the whiteboard tool comes with over 50 templates.



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