Microsoft will permanently disable Internet Explorer in Windows 10 today

Microsoft will permanently disable Internet Explorer in Windows 10 today

Microsoft will take a long-prepared step. Today there is an update for the Edge browser in Windows 10, which will also permanently disable Internet Explorer in most versions of this operating system.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

The company officially discontinued the browser back in June last year, ending support for Internet Explorer 11. Despite this, the developer decided to go all the way – starting today, it will be impossible to run the outdated web browser on most client versions of Windows 10.

Exceptions exist for Long-Term Servicing Channel customers for Windows 10 and exotics like Windows 10 China Government Edition, but Internet Explorer 11 is slated to literally disappear on all other versions.

The MSHTML and Trident technologies on which the old browser is based are still used in the operating system as they are used to enable IE 11 mode in Microsoft Edge. The company promises that Edge will support this mode until at least 2029.

Microsoft has been trying to get rid of Internet Explorer for about 8 years. Internet Explorer branding disappeared with the release of Windows 10 in 2010, IE mode only appeared in Edge in 2019. In recent years, Microsoft has strongly discouraged customers from using Internet Explorer, emphasizing that it is more of a compatibility tool for a range of business decisions than a browser for everyday use.

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