1701602235 Microsoft will open up the ability for advanced users to

Microsoft will open up the ability for advanced users to fine-tune Windows 11

Over the past year, Microsoft has added many new features to Windows 11, but developers don’t want to stop there. This week it was revealed that Microsoft plans to integrate the Advanced Windows Settings panel into its software platform to allow advanced users to fine-tune the system.

    Image source: Unsplash

Image source: Unsplash

Several concept images demonstrating the possible appearance of the Windows Advanced Settings window have already been published on GitHub. At the same time, Microdot made it clear that it does not intend to overhaul the entire operating system settings section. Together, the developers want to give experienced users more control over how their operating system works.

Microsoft also released a list of what it wants to achieve using the Windows Advanced Settings window:

  • Give developers more control over system settings and advanced features.
  • Help developers find optimizations that can improve their daily workflows and improve device performance.
  • Create a single UI to manage/configure new features for developers in Windows (e.g. built-in file manager + version control integration) so we can quickly implement new features/settings.
  • Work with the developer community to identify additional options that should be included in the new dashboard.
  • Providing the ability to write scripts and reuse them on new and/or existing devices.

    Image source: xda-developers.com

Image source: xda-developers.com

Additionally, Microsoft invites everyone to leave their feedback on the design of the advanced settings panel. It seems that the company intends to make this tool popular among experienced developers and would therefore like to get their opinion on the innovation in advance.


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