Microsoft will move more features from Control Panel to Settings

Microsoft will move more features from Control Panel to Settings in Windows 11

Microsoft continues to gradually move features from the Windows 11 Control Panel to the Settings app. According to network sources, in one of the next updates to the Windows 11 software platform, several more Control Panel functions will be migrated to Settings.

    Image Source: Windows Latest

Image Source: Windows Latest

With their new operating system, the Microsoft developers not only redesigned the Settings app, but also actively promoted it. Many of the functions of the Control Panel have long been implemented in the Settings application, but developers are in no hurry to completely get rid of the outdated element of the operating system, to which many users are accustomed.

At the moment it is not known exactly when the update will be released, the installation of which will be accompanied by the transfer of some Control Panel functions. In particular, such changes can be made in a subtle patch that is automatically downloaded and unpacked, or together with one of the big cumulative updates that the software giant regularly releases.

Of course, the upcoming changes don’t mean that Microsoft will be giving up the “toolbar” any time soon. However, sooner or later this will happen, after which users will have to interact with the settings application, which will eventually become a full-fledged and more convenient analogue.

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